My Favourite Books of 2016

2016 will probably go down as being a pretty disappointing year. Mine wasn’t too bad but at times it definitely wasn’t all sunshine and roses. I did however read some outstanding pieces of literature. Thanks to Goodreads, I now have a rolling log of all the books I’ve read and I’ve been looking back at some of my favourites to remind myself  how amazing some of them were. Here comes my favourite five of 2016!

Number 5
My Husbands Son – Deborah O’Connor

My Husband's Son by Deborah O'Connor

I loved this book mainly because of its ending. I was expecting a completely different conclusion to the one that O’Conner produced and although at the time I was annoyed by this, after a few months passed and I’d had more time to think about this book, I decided that I was suddenly a fan of the unexpected ending. This novel is so unlike most other missing child genre books, I’ve read a lot of these books. Usually the ending is pretty predictable, missing child gets reunited with family, and all is good again, simple. This book however, is a little different than that, its fantastic, brilliantly driven, with intriguing characters and amazing story line.I  won’t spoil it the big twist, you’ll just have to read it for yourself.

Number 4
The Beauty of The End – Debbie Howells
Image result for killing kate alex lake

I was drawn to Killing Kate based on the blurb on the back. The premise that a serial killer has been murdering people who all share a similarity with you sent shivers down my spine. The book is fast paced and gets into the action almost right away, which is something that I actively look for in thriller novels. I spent the whole book accusing almost every character of murder because the actual identity of the culprit was hidden so well in the text that the twist genuinely shocked me. I was so in love with Killing Kate that I bought Alex Lake’s other novel, After Anna before I’d concluded this novel, which to me is a sign of a very talented author.

Number 3
The Beauty of The End – Debbie Howell
The Beauty of the End

I’m a really big fan on Debbie Howells, and could have placed her other novel The Bones of You in this spot just as easily, but for me, Beauty of the End took the winning spot. There is something so beautifully elegant about the way that Howells writes, the words flow on the page as she tells a story of  Noah, the ex-lawyer thrust back into the life of his ex April, who is in a comma and also the lead subject of a murder investigation. This book is hauntingly alluring and it did something to my perspective of the world. Its also important to note that I think this is the most beautiful cover of a book I’ve seen for some time, the cover mirrors the ghostly beautiful content inside. I would highly recommend this book to anyone, it deserves to be read.

Number 2
Only We Know – Karen Perry
Only We Know by Karen Perry
One of the very last books that I read in 2016, a book that I finished on Christmas day itself was Only We Know by Karen Perry. (pen name for  duo Karen Gillece and Paul Perry) To this day I’m not sure what I loved so much about this book, apart from the fact that I loved the premise and the closeness of the three main characters Luke, Nick and Katie that they remained drawn together by this secret even though they themselves had grown apart. Throughout this book there are many twists and shocking reveals which kept me on my toes and kept me turning pages. Overall a fantastic book and for a long time after I finished it I was in awe of how well the story had tied together. To this day I’m still thinking about how powerful this novel was.

Number 1
The Night Book – Richard Madeley
The Night Book by Richard Madeley

I was completely blown away by this book, I read it mid July and the fact that I could still remember every detail of it by December definitely told me that I would be thinking about this book for a long time. A bit of backstory is needed here, I normally don’t read books that are set before the 2000’s, its just a reading habit of mine, and when I realised that this book was set during the hottest summer of 1976, my heart fell slightly.  Never the less I had paid money for this book and was determined to finish it. I was astounded by how much I loved this book. quickly forgetting is time and setting as I began to delve into the story and the characters. I read this book during the hottest day of the year that we had in the UK and that aspect made me feel like I was in the novel. The thing that made me love this book is that I felt so connected to the characters, I understood their strife and the issues they had to deal with. This book stayed with me and I couldn’t really ever get it out of my head, therefore it is my 2016 book of the year.