‘You Died’ Bloodborne Ranking of all Bosses, Part Two

In my last post, ‘You Died’, I talked about some of the easiest Bloodborne bosses I’d faced. Now it’s time to talk about the hardest ones, the ones that had me throwing my controller across the room and swearing incoherently at the screen! So, here’s a countdown of the eight hardest Bloodborne bosses:


8- Blood Starved Beast


This boss is actually pretty terrifying. He has two folds of skin flapping off his back and bones that protrude out of his poisonous body. The poison aspect of the Blood Starved Beast is something that really put me on my back during this battle. So many times I had whittled him down to low health only to die unexpectedly thanks to the slow poison that had been building up during the fight. Along with his poison, The Blood Starved beast gets deadlier the lower his health gets, gaining speed and attack boosts once you half his health. The only good thing about this fight is that antidotes are littered around the arena so you can cure your aliment throughout the fight. Since Bloodborne is a game that relishes in dark and disgusting bosses I think they found a real winner with this guy.

7- Moon Presence


During my play through I received items called ‘One Third of Umbilical Cord’, I didn’t know what these things were but as any curious player I decided to use them. I continued through my game play and when I finally beat Gehram The First Hunter I was over the moon. I had beaten the game and was ecstatic that I had overcome such a hard challenge, then all of a sudden cue cut scene. Cue next boss floating down from the sky and cue my annoyance that I had to fight a second boss straight away with only ten health vials and hardly any items to boost my attack. Turns out that I didn’t need to be concerned as the last boss of the game for me was surprisingly easy! The Moon Presence spends a lot of his time just standing there watching you, leaving him open to attacks. The easiest way to take down the Moon Presence is to stay close to him but take care to avoid his tail. This boss secretes a black ooze that will prevent you from healing up. Apart from this however he isn’t much of a threat and can be killed without too much effort.

6 – Ebrietas Daughter of The Cosmos


I really didn’t want to kill Ebrietas. After I entered the boss room and died almost immediately to her headbutt attack, I decided that I should do some research about her. As well as being a Great One, she is the only Great One who wants to coexist peacefully with humans. This fact made me feel like a monster and honestly after that I didn’t want to kill her. But I had pledged to kill every boss in Bloodborne, including optional bosses. So she had to go.

5- Mergo’s Wet Nurse


The design of Mergo’s Wet Nurse is incredible. She wields six scythes with such flawless and flowing movement that you can’t help be captivated before she slices you to pieces. I was genuinely scared of this boss, I felt under levelled and under prepared throughout the whole fight. At one point the screen goes dark and the Wet Nurse summons a clone of herself to attack you as well. I found this part of the fight very stressful and I died a lot. It maybe took me over ten attempts but the Nightmare was finally slain.

4- Gehram the First Hunter


After spending the entire game sitting down and counselling you during your Hunt, Gehram the First Hunter decides he wants to challenge you. Not only does he run towards you, he can now jump ten feet in the air and bring his scythe down on you at unavoidable speeds. I really struggled with Gehram, and as one of the three potential end game bosses I knew that he would be a problem for me. Gehram is pretty easy until you whittle him down to half health, at this point, he gains boosted speed and switches his weapon to a curved sword and blunderbuss. At this stage he will also hold out his hands and stare at the sky, I mistakenly thought I had found a glitch and continued to stand next to him and attack away. This was not a glitch. I was obliterated in a massive AOE attack that killed me instantly. After that experience I was more careful with my timing and after a ten-minute fight I executed The First Hunter.

3- Rom The Vacuous Spider


I never thought that a fat misshapen spider would ever cause me this many problems. I had heard rumors about Rom and therefore was apprehensive going into the boss fight. And wow it was a lot harder than I ever expected it to be. My first issue with Rom the Vacuous spider was her army of spiders that she summons upon entering the fight. These spiders are a serious pain, if you get trapped by them they will easily stunlock you to death. The second problem with Rom are her magical attacks, these can come from both the sky and the ground underneath you, and are only avoidable if you run away from the boss you’re trying to defeat. Finally the third thing I struggled with was Rom herself, every time you get close enough to her to get in a hit, she body slams you to you ground, taking the majority of your health at the same time. I hated this boss. In the end my winning tactic was to run in with the cannon, take a shot and run away like a coward before her mass of spiders could take me out. When I finally killed Rom, I threw my controller on the bed and sat in silence for five minutes in awe of what I had just accomplished.

2- Martyr Logarius


When I was exploring Castle Cainhurst I stumbled upon Martyr Logarius and instantly regretted it. I struggled the most with arcane attacks throughout the whole game so I knew that I would struggle with a Boss who only used them. In my first few attempts I died to his magic attacks without even touching him or lowering his health bar. I really thought that I would have to ignore this boss and go ahead and finish Bloodborne without killing this guy. I left the Martyr alone for a long time before I attempted to come back and fight him again. I hated this boss so much and had so much trouble with him that I will definitely be avoiding castle Cainhurst in my next play though of Bloodborne.

1- Father Gascoigne


Dam you Father Gascoigne! I have never hated anything as much as this boss. I don’t know much about other players but I felt so triumphant after finally beating the Cleric Beast that I naively thought that I would find the rest of the game a breeze. After my first defeat to Father Gascoigne I simply brushed my death off as lack of knowledge for the boss and tried again. After my twenty-fifth death I began to get cross and my controller spent more time in the air or on the floor than in my hands. I really hated that a boss this early on in the game (the first mandatory boss) was so difficult. I had hardly any problem parrying Gascoigne and getting him down to half health, but I just could not get past his Werewolf stage. I really did think that this would be all of Bloodborne that I would ever see because I just couldn’t get past this him. I so desperately wanted to get to the Cathedral Ward and finish the game but for a long time Father Gascoigne was like a big red stop sign blocking my way. On my thirty fourth attempt (Yes it really did take that long) equipped with as many Molotovs as I could hold I somehow managed to kill Father Gascoigne. I have never felt so relived in my entire life. Screw you Father Gascoigne, screw you.