‘You Died’ A Ranking of the Bloodborne Bosses, Part One.

As we all know Bloodborne is hard. In fact, it’s really, really,  frustratingly hard! Somehow however, I’ve managed to beat the entire game and its army of evil bosses. After all that effort it felt only right to talk about how difficult or easy each boss was. So, here’s a post outlining the bosses I found the easiest, with a second part detailing the bosses that killed me the most to come later on.


17- The Celestial Emissary


Considering that this is one of the later bosses in the game, I found the Celestial Emissary rather easy to beat. In fact, I managed to defeat it on my first attempt. The boss shares its health with an ever spawning mass of Small Celestial Emissary’s which go down in one hit. This makes this boss pretty repetitive and therefore simple to defeat. Eventually one of the aliens will grow to twice the size of its minions, but because it doesn’t change the attacks or the speed of the main Emissary, the battle difficulty stayed the same and I guess that’s why it I beat it without seeing the infamous, ‘You Died’ Bloodborne catchphrase.


16- The Witches of Hemwick


The Witches of Hemwick is another boss that I managed to kill in one go. I had a bit more trouble with this boss because she’s impossible to find. I spent more time running around the boss room looking for the boss than I did actually fighting her! The main problem you will encounter are the Mad Ones who continue to spawn during the fight, only problem with them is that they just don’t seem that interested in you! Once you find the Witch and whittle her health down a second Witch appears and resurrects her familiar, this causes you some hassle but thankfully, it doesn’t make the battle any more difficult.


15- The One Reborn


The One Reborn is probably one of the most disgusting bosses in the entire game. It’s also a little bit intimidating as it’s A Great One. (basically a God in the Bloodborne world.) Grotesquely large and accompanied by bell ringers who shoot fireballs at you during the fight, The One Reborn can cause you some problems. Thankfully I accidentally managed to find my way to the upper level where the bell ringers were. Once I had eliminated them the fight became a lot easier. The One Reborn favours stomping attacks and a move that results in masses of waste being dumped on your head. I died on very first attempt, but found my second so much easier, giving this boss the number 15 slot.


14- Vicar Amelia


This was one of the few bosses that I was actually excited to fight. Sadly, that excitement quickly turned to despair once she killed me within the first 30 seconds of the fight! I was so shocked by her speed and the amount of damage she did to me that I left the fight in order to level up and gain some more combat experience. When I returned the battle was a lot more fun and a lot less challenging. Apparently Vicar Amelia has a healing move which can make her quite a pain but thankfully, she never actually did this to me. Perhaps I got off lightly.


13- The Shadows of Yharnam


For one of the bosses renowned as being a real nightmare I actually found this adversary pretty easy! I beat this boss after two deaths and honestly I think that I just got lucky, and the only reason I got lucky is that I spent a lot of time running away from the Shadows, running back to get a few hits in and then running away again. This tactic worked well for me until they started summoning those giant vipers from the ground and I was punished for my earlier cowardice. This battle was one of the first where I felt unable to cope with the attacks and the boss’s so beating them on the third attempt made me feel like some sort of absolute legend.


12- Micolash Host of the Nightmare


Once again I think that I got lucky when battling this late game boss, beating him on my third turn. I had more trouble finding him than trying to survive his attacks. Although Micolash is annoying with his constant monologue throughout the battle, he is only a threat when cornered. Cornering him triggers him to cast Augar of Ebrietas or A Call Beyond, arcane spells that normally end with your death. I was exceedingly fortunate throughout his boss fight as I managed to escape almost all of his spells. Micolash isn’t very defensive and his weakness to fire means that if you can avoid his magic attacks, you should be able to easily take him out.


11-Darkbeast Paarl


The very first time I stumbled across this boss I was under levelled and lost in the ruins of Yahar’gul. In an attempt to escape I ran outside and right onto the sleeping body of Darkbeast Paarl. Terrified that I was now trapped in an arena with this behemoth I freaked and died pretty quickly. However, I stilled loved this boss. I thought that the design was wonderful. I loved the electric attacks and the intimidating size of the beast. Even the story behind this boss’s creation was fascinating to me, the possibility that it was an experiment created by the people of Yahar’gul – an attempt to create a Great One. I struggled a few times with Paarl’s electric bursts but once I nailed the timing, I had no trouble putting Darkbeast Paarl out of its misery.


10- The Cleric Beast


For the first boss in the game I struggled more than I should have done. I was still unfamiliar with the controls and the combat style and so the Cleric Beast quickly showed me that I wasn’t going to get through the game playing the way that I had been. I died so many times and for a while I thought that this would be the end of the game for me. I went in one last time after fully exploring Yharnam, finding the Hunters Set in the sewer and leveling up. I eventually beat the Cleric Beast by using visceral attacks and Molotov cocktails. In a way the Cleric Beast was my training wheels, the thing that forced me to git gud.

9- Amygdala


Around Yharnam, after you gain forty insight you begin to notice these large spider-like creatures hanging off buildings and towers watching you. This is pretty eerie and I, like most players brushed it off and continued on my Hunt. In  Nightmare Frontier you can enter an optional boss fight with one of these strange creatures also known as Amygdala. I was absolutely obliterated by this boss. I struggled to escape its large form and found myself being stomped on and trampled during my first few attempts. Amygdala is already huge and throughout the fight its pulls off two of its arms to further its reach. After many failed attempts I returned to this boss fight equipped with the canon. A few cannon balls to the face soon ended Amygdala’s rampage.


Part two which will see me tear my hair out at hardest bosses in the game will be uploaded to my blog soon, so stay tuned.