Joining The Hunt

Bloodborne is not the sort of game I would normally play. My PS4 library is bursting with action/adventure titles, open world games and artsy, indie gems. But positive reviews and internet videos enticed me to give this dark, Gothic game a go. I fell in love with it almost instantly.

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The story follows a lone hunter, a traveller from foreign lands, who has arrived in the world of Yharnam on the night of the ‘Hunt’. He aims to find a cure for a terrible blood-borne sickness, a hunger for tainted blood that has transformed the residents into terrible beasts.

Bloodborne was heavily influenced by its sister series Dark Souls. And from what I’d seen from gameplay I’d guessed that this was just a kill-to-survive type of game, I had no idea about the rich vein of story I was about to fall into.

Whilst I was in the midst of the Hunt I noticed that lore played a big part of the game. Optional areas such as Old Yharnam revealed conflicts between the people of Old Yharnam and the morally-corrupt Healing Church. I loved learning about the different factions involved, the class struggles and the story behind the hunters. I was also captivated by Gothic scenery and the Victorian style architecture. I began to appreciate every tiny aspect of the game; the weapons, the combat style, the old ruins and even the monsters I was hunting. Before long I was obsessed (in a good way!) and found myself reading into the non-playable characters and the ruins of the places that I travelled to.

In short, if (like me) you weren’t sure about this game because of its seemingly plot-less story then just pick it up anyway! It’s an incredible game, and beneath all of the violence it has some emotive stories and some truly fascinating characters. It’s definitely worth a play, and who knows, it might end up being your favourite game of the year too!