A Ranking of the Most Troublesome Enemies in the Wind Waker

As I mentioned in my first Wind Waker blog (http://bit.ly/1NNZZ9T) the game took me a whopping two years to complete, oops. Anyway, during that time I obviously had many, many encounters with the enemies and monsters populating the game, and I’ve decided to rank them on a scale ranging from minor irritation (10) to pure, unadulterated hatred (1). Whether they dwell in the sky or the surface of the Great Sea, all of the following monsters have had me yelling at my TV screen. A lot. So, without further ado, in ascending order of annoyance: A Ranking of the Most Troublesome Enemies in the Wind Waker.


Number 10 – Miniblins

To say that I’m nearly eighteen I feel as though my fear of the common Miniblin is probably a little bit silly. But these things have always freaked me out. Technically they are the weakest member of Ganandorf’s army, but I’m still scared to death of them. I can’t decide if it’s because at first all you can hear is that creepy, ‘Deh- Lin, Deh- Lin’ chant, and you can’t see them. Seriously where are they?! Oh yes, there they are, jumping down the side of a wall and stabbing you with their little tridents like it’s the most normal thing in Hyrule. But it’s not, it’s weird, and I don’t like them. Ganandorf also seemed to create an infinite amount of these little blighters; so you can never really clear them 100% from a given room. They’re at number ten because they’re simple to take down at least. One hit and they’re gone, that’s the best thing about them.


Number 9 – Kargarok


These Kargaroks have only annoyed me a few times during my Wind Waker game play, hence why they’re only at number 9. Once more, they don’t really pose that much of a threat but they are so irritating! I remember one crucial moment of game play; I was collecting the very last triforce shard, all my hard work was paying off! I arrived at Seven- Star Island and was greeted by a hoard of warships that started circling me like vultures. And then all of a sudden I’m being head butted into the ocean by these winged pests. I could go on and on about these Kargaroks but let’s leave it at I did not have fun getting out of the ocean only to be pushed back into it. Also these are a pain when you’re controlling a seagull, which, let’s be honest, is hard enough as it is.

(Also they make such a weird noise)


 Number 8 – Big Octocs


Sailing in The Wind Waker used to be really fun and relaxing for me, I didn’t mind aimlessly drifting between islands. I used to set the direction with the Wind Waker and leave the game to it. This was a huge mistake, as when I returned my attention to the screen I’d been sucked into a whirlpool of death by this fiend. I’m also absolutely rubbish with the arrows unless I have a large amount of time to aim, and it’s really hard to aim when you’re in a stressful situation. Thankfully after the defeat of the first Big Octo I paid more attention to my sailing and from then on all my encounters with these ginormous squids were purposeful.


Number 7 – Armos Knights


These big brutes are very common towards the end of the game especially in The Tower of The Gods and the Wind Temple. Once I’d confronted them a few times, I began to dread facing them again mostly when there would be other enemies in the room or more than one. The Armos Knights take up to much space in a room and make tackling other enemies impossible until you’ve destroyed this metal hunk of mean. Because of this, I find it hard to conquer these rooms without losing a lot of health. Honestly, I also don’t like the way they jump toward you with their mouths open (isn’t that an extreme design flaw? Ganandorf creating a monster that actually welcomes detonation, is this a wise idea?) I also don’t appreciate foes that chase you down even after you’ve defeated them. That’s not cool Armos Knights.


Number 6 – Dark ChuChu


All types of ChuChus get under my skin. For such a small and weak foe they don’t half cause you problems. Some electrocute you, some try to evade your attacks, some jump at you like crazy when you come near them, and then there is the much rarer, but more annoying Dark ChuChus. These guys are basically invincible to all weapons and projectiles, until sun light is added to the equitation. But even then there’s still a lot of work to do. These guys require way too much effort!  You’ve got to lure them towards the sunlight, successfully redirect that beam of sunlight at the ChuChu with your shield, and only then you can finally destroy them. ChuChus do have a couple of pros though, you can use them as live weights for switches and it feels so good to smash them up with the Skull Hammer.


Number 5 – Floor Masters


In certain temples In Ocarina of Time, Navi warns you about ‘The shadows on the floor’ and after facing both variety of the Floor Master and the Wall Masters in the Forest Temple I was a little apprehensive to meet them again. Part of me thinks that they’re really cool; I sort of want this dismembered ghostly hand to drag me to a random room in the dungeon, they look amazing and they have such a ghostly aura (plus that spooky noise!), it all makes the Floor Master such an interesting foe to face. What I don’t enjoy about the Floor Masters in this game is how they specifically go for your companion, either Medli or Makar. The section in the Wind Temple when Makar has to be captured by a gaggle of Floor Masters for the story to advance irritated me so much because I HATE backtracking. That’s the reason that Floor Masters are on the list. They made me backtrack.


Number 4 – Blue Bubble


 The thing with Bubbles is that they themselves aren’t the issue. It’s what shrouds (fire or the dreaded curse) that make them such trouble makers. These cursed (or blue) bubbles leave you unable to use any of your weapons or projectiles after you come into contact with them. They aren’t particularly hard or even menacing, but they do have an annoying habit of appearing in situations, rooms and areas where a hundred percent concentration is needed, rooms where you can’t afford to be distracted. Therefore they have been strategically placed to be a nuisance. And that makes them irritating, and that, in turn qualifies them for the #4 ranking.


Number 3 – Seahats


No part of me appreciates the Seahats in the slightest. When I’m sailing I do my complete best to avoid any island where I see them. These guys are territorial and they aren’t going to let you near that island without a fight. To me these foes are extremely menacing, they will not hesitate to knock you out of the boat into the sea. They’re pretty easy to take down, if you have a couple of bombs and good accuracy. But accompanied with the storms that seem to follow them and with their huge size they are undoubtedly a daunting enemy to face.


Number 2 – Wizzrobe


I have to admit that I think that Wizzrobes are pretty cool. They look amazing and when compared to some of the other enemies on this list they have a less sinister look. In fact, they look downright flamboyant with their wafty robes and fancy dress head pieces, maybe even one of the most showy of Ganandorf’s comrades. However, Wizzrobes were created and introduced into situations to be a major annoyance. Mostly they appear when you find yourself locked in a room with other harder enemies; here they become an L- targeting nightmare! The pesky winged opponents employ an assortment of attacks, ranging from magical projectiles to the ability to summon other foes to swarm you. Overall pretty simple alone, but really sometimes tough and challenging when paired with other rivals.


Number 1 – Redeads


Everyone who’s ever played any Zelda game will recognise the paralyzing high-pitched scream of the ReDead. I’m a huge gaming fan and I’ve seen some pretty scary monsters during my time, but nothing terrifies me more than these guys. Avoided when possible, faced grudgingly; the ReDeads are my most hated enemy in The Wind Waker. You can find them lurking in the depths and darkness of the Earth Temple, the Savage Labyrinth and the Ghost Ship. That means you’re going to bump into them at some point and you have no choice other than to take them down. Everything about their design is frightening; the combination of their giant tiki doll heads with skeletal bodies is bad enough but those monstrous red eyes, those earrings, those teeth! And the way they lumber over to you when you’ve been frozen so all you can do is watch your impending doom lurch closer and closer! Plus there’s the way they literally chomp on your skull to deal damage, it’s nearly enough to make you leave the game for a few days, weeks or months to recover from the abomination that is the ReDead.